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We can provide our Commercial based clients a professional and well rounded electrical service. Our team is built up of experienced electricians that are trained in completing fast paced commercial projects on time. Over the years we have learned to understand and complete Shop fit outs, office refurbishments,medical center's and showroom's to a professional standard.


Industrial builds can be comprised of many elements and stages. Rockville Electrical pride ourselves on the skill set we retain that allows us to complete these types of projects safety and Efficiently. Whether it be 3 phase distribution, new multi tenancy ware houses, or new factory additions. Our highly experienced and trained team have all your industrial electrical needs covered.


Rockville Electrical have been serving the residents of Adelaide and rural area's for many years and understand the importance of being respectful when entering a customers home. Rockville Electrical can undertake any of your residential projects big or small. With us have had completed dozens of new home builds heritage restorations, general house repairs and installations we are more than capable of improving your homes electrical infrastructure. 


Rockville Electrical have been serving the residents of Adelaide  with reliable Heat and cooling systems to ensure comfortably in Australia's extreme weather conditions. There are several different types of air conditioners. These include Ducted, High Wall Split, Ceiling Cassette, Under Ceiling/Floor Mounted, Multi Head Splits/VRF and Evaporative Coolers. With our experience we can allocated the best system for your situation


Here at Rockville Electrical we understand the importance of having your business and home always online and running at full capacity. We offer a wide range of data and communication services ranging from telephone outlets, multiple CAT6E cable runs from your MDF or a simple patch panel variation. With most modern business operating through the internet and related software we can optimize your data and communication infrastructure to best suit you. We have also spent many years carrying out electrical upgrades, alterations and maintenance for the Telecommunications industry. In providing this service we have had the pleasure of working with the likes of Telstra ,Optus, Nokia and Vodafone.


Rockville Electrical provides all types of electrical maintenance to to keep your workplace and home up to date and safe. A frequent electrical Maintenance schedule can sometimes be the differing factor that stopped a hazard turning into a accident at your work place.  We offer a wide range of testing such as test and tagging, thermal image testing, exit & emergency lighting test's and RCD/safety switch testing.


Rockville Understand with the price of electricity and the cost of daily living inflating its  important for everyday households and business to save where they can. Rockville Electrical offer a wide range of Eco solutions to minimize the electrical consumption of your family or workplace. Saving electricity can be as easy as changing your hungry halogen light globes to new and improved leds. The environmentally friendly Leds are paving the way we light our cities in the future and homes and business all over Australia are making the switch.


Constructing adequate lighting for home's, office's and shop's can be complicated. Rockville Electrical and our counterparts have access to state of the art lighting design software that can provide our customers with important information such as Lux levels per square meter and the overall efficiency of the installation. Rockville Electrical's qualified electricians can insure that your lighting gets installed correctly and  safely.

Switch board upgrades can vary in size.  Whether it be a industrial multi tendency Msb or a residential single phase switch board for your home, we do it all. Replace those dangerous circuit beakers and fuses with state of the art safety devices such as Rcbo's, Rcds and surge protectors. In return this turns a house into a safe home that is ready for any young family. 

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